Please let me ask one question before I start to talk about things related to the assignment. Is it just me, or is it indeed difficult to foster the motivation to do the work? Trust me, the evil idea of not writing the final paper has appeared in my mind a thousand times just in one day. Here we are nearly at the end of one semester AGAIN, aren’t we? And I believe it is the good time to make a toast.


After running my website for a few months, I am quite satisfied with the state of my website is currently in. It is surely unrealistic to suddenly have a lot of followers, and I personally have no intention to do so. It is another topic that whether my website is attractive enough to draw a large audience, even though the answer is clear 🙂  I thought it would be tedious to write posts for assignments, but I am glad that it eventually turned out to be enjoyable. Besides, there is a sense of achievement when scrolling down the homepage and seeing all my previous posts.

There is one more thing I want to say to my beloved audience. Thanks for all your likes and comments!



Fall into the group.

“How your website fits in with all of the other represents on the web that is similar to yours?” I thought this was a difficult question to answer in a comprehensive manner the first time I saw it. That is to say, the analysis can become complex from different standpoints.

For example, my website shares some similar physical features with other websites that provide information. To be specific, compared to, my website also has the menu bar for navigation. Moreover, every post is attached with various related tags, and the websites allow readers to share the original post on other social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

On the other hand, to narrow down (or, in other words, refine) this kind of similarity, let’s compare my blog to other personal blogs and put the focus on the content. It is that such user-generated content represents users’ self-presentation. I write whatever I want to post regardless of the theme. Similarly, even though other personal blogs may have a central theme, such as music, sport, and video game, users can post any topic that is related to the is.

In this respect, I would say that my website additionally contributes a sense of freedom to the conversation.

It is a fan fan art.


At first, I was messing around with different combinations. I tried every type of eyes on with various colors to see which one I liked most. There were so many options for hair style compared to other sections. As soon as I had found Finn’s hat, I immediately decided that I was going to cosplay the character, Finn the Human. It is too bad that I was not able to find Finn’s outfit in other sections, but it did not stop my idea of cosplaying.

I have discovered three outfits of Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear who are the main characters of We Bare Bears. It was undeniable that the outfits are cute. Nevertheless, they are too simple for me because they are one-piece which covered the whole body. That is to say, there was less space for me to add something more. Therefore, I shifted my focus on another outfit.

For people who did not know, the character cosplayed is Steven Universe. I picked up the sandals, added a smartphone, and finally chose the most matching hair style. I have to do a little self-imagination on the color of the eyes because black is not available.

The whole experience reminds me of the website Dream Selfy. I used to spend day and night exploring the website. By the way, there is also a similar website shown in the page of About Me.

And now I’m even more confused.

Sewing tutorial ~ DOLL BIKINI /swimsuit ~ pattern making & sewing

I share this video simply because I personally enjoy this type of videos. (It’s art, people! It’s art!) To be honest, I am quite glad that I am only allowed to post a link to the video since I am not sure whether the utilization of this video would be favoring fair use after I checked the Fair Use Checklist. Therefore, I will not talk about why it is OK for me to use this media on my blog. Instead, I am going to discuss some points that might result in opposing fair use.


As I noticed, one opposing fair use is for entertainment, and it’s hard for me to tell whether the use of this media is purely for entertainment. I like the video because it gives a sense of satisfactory. Despite that it is a video tutorial, I do not really mean to use this video for the potential purpose of teaching.


In the Fair Use Checklist, there is two opposing fair used indicated. Owing to the fact that the whole work is used, the portion used is obviously significant to entire work. Based on the evidence, it seems that my utilization of the video definitely falls into the categorization of opposing fair use.


It is surprising, even shocking, to me that making the video accessible on the Web or in other public forum would also be considered as an opposing fair use. It is undeniable that my utilization of the video basically did what the Fair Use Checklist exactly describes.

Here is the strange thing. According to the three aspects I mentioned, it seems to me that there is no way to justify my utilization of the video.

Let’s watch the city burn.

The meme that symbolizes my current feeling is “Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn”.

Check it out: Know Your Meme

I am currently suffering from post-vacation blues. That is to say, I still barely have any motivation to study even though, within half a day, I just managed to finish a six-page paper which used to take me two days. It feels strange that I am quite anxious while I am really not that much anxious at the same time.

I choose the specific photo of Tinky Winky because of his emotionless eyes and the mysterious smile on his face. It appears to be totally peaceful, whereas, with the ironic caption, a sense of fierce emotions is implied, which I feel completely connectable. To be specific, the contrast between the inner world and appearance of an individual is relatable. The only slight difference is that, in my case, it would be watching myself burn.

One surprising fact I found about this particular meme through Know Your Meme is that the original phrase comes from the July 2008 Batman film The Dark Knight. I had watched The Dark Knight Trilogy in recent few years a couple of times, nonetheless, I fail to remember the script. While this specific script is serious in the context of the film, there is an additional sense of humor in image macros.

Would you like to be my muse?

☆Inspire Me☆

Frankly speaking, I currently have no idea of how to promote my blog. It is like putting kryptonite directly in front of Superman. I am powerless in a way that, although I have tried my best, nothing satisfying came up in my mind. So here I am! CRYING FOR HELP.


I understand that the form of the blog may be still not anonymous enough for someone to feel comfortable to leave critical comments. Therefore, please allow me to introduce you to a whole new social media platform–ASKfm. Don’t be afraid when you see the word “social”! The conversations taken place on ASKfm are relatively unidirectional. It is very straightforward: you ask, and I answer. As far as I am concerned, the best thing of all is that I have changed the setting, which allows anonymous prompts. Speaking of which, you do not need to additionally sign up for an account.

I am very open to any kind of opinions and suggestions. Even though I am using ASKfm, your prompts are not necessarily to be soft words. It is also unnecessary for your prompt to be a question. I am simply taking advantage of the simple but interactive form of ASKfm. Nevertheless, I am a sensitive person. Please be nice to me.

giphy (1)

Last but not least, thanks in advance for the help!

It is time to write a paper!

To begin with, I hate writing in a way that I constantly ask myself what makes life worth living every time I am writing a paper. Even though I have spent two whole semesters to get myself used to writing 3-5 page paper, my inner fear would still appear like a demon that drags me to hell. I may, or definitely, have exaggerated, but that is indeed how I feel when writing a paper. In a word, it is suffering.

I have never seriously written a composition in English that includes more than 12 sentences before I went to university. All right, to be honest, I wasn’t serious enough when dealing with TOEFL or SAT or the placement test. I almost freaked out when it was asked to write a 3-page paper at the beginning of the first semester of freshman year. There were two thoughts that immediately came up in my mind: 1) *BEEP* it, I can’t write a 3-page paper; 2) Okay, I’m gonna fail this writing course. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to pass the course with a passing grade. Am I blessed or something?

As a non-native English speaker, it is hard for me to put ideas into words. To be specific, I can stare at my laptop for an hour with nothing typed in but a flood of ideas in my mind. I used to try several times to go with the flow. Unfortunately, they all ended up similarly that I would eventually get stuck in wording and phrasing at some point.

For now, I have developed my very own technique to prompt myself when writing a paper, which is to GO WITH THE WORD COUNT. I can tell without my brain that how many words that are Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced would fill how many pages with 1-inch margins. I admit that it is a terrible technique that it is very uninspiring and damages the spirit of writing to some extent. Nonetheless, I would rather keep using this technique until I excavate some pleasure in writing.


By the way, I really start to enjoy using FocusWriter to write for anything with the screenshot of my favorite character in FFXV set as window background. I can’t believe that I even start to like the set of daily goals, even though, by its very nature, daily goals are still just quantified word count.