How to build your website

It is not that I have never built a blog or personal website. However, I would say that my experience with WordPress makes me feel as if I have never built a blog or personal website before. There are mainly two tricky things during my construction I want to talk about.

The first one is Menus-Pages. To begin with, when I wanted to start with “Meet the Editor” after I have finished “About”, it turned out to be the same page as “About”. If I made some change to “Meet the Editor”, then the content of “About” would also change, which is quite frustrating. Nevertheless, I was eventually able to figure it out that I needed to create a new page for “Meet the Editor” menu link first. Yet my “suffering” was not over. I expected the title of “Meet the Editor” page would be “Who I Am”, but, as you might have guessed, the name of “Meet the Editor” menu link changed with the edition of the title “Who I Am”. The problem here is that I matched “Meet the Editor” menu link with the page named “Meet the Editor”. I solved this problem by changing the name the page and rematching it with “Meet the Editor” menu link.

The second one is how to delete a category. I accidentally created a wrong category under the category of “Uncategorized”, and I could not delete it. I initially tried to remove the “Categories” widget and re-add it, but it did not work. Fortunately, thanks to the help of web self-service, I found out that I needed to add “/wp-admin” after my website link, and then it would go to the page where I could manage the categories.


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