All hail AP mid laner

*FYI, the game I am talking about is a Chinese mobile game which is similar to LOL.

First of all, I swear to gods that I will never not ever choose an AP tank again! If you are thinking “Hey, what about AD tanks?”, then I can tell you that I have no idea how to play as an AD tank from the very beginning.

Here is a piece of evidence of last night massacre.


One word to describe it: PATHETIC. Our ADC can not keep up, and despite we have two AP champions, one of them certainly do not know how to play it. I guess fortune is never on my side when I play as an AP tank in solo queue.

Originally posted by gameraboy on Tumblr

Well, that is enough complaints. I am gradually starting to play AP champions now  (usually I would prefer support champions but…). Nevertheless, I really want to become good at it!

Oh, one more thing! Guess who just hits a 6 games winning streak?


My heart is dedicated to APC.


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