How to decorate your header

To begin with, event though it is asked to complete an advanced Google search for images, it does not occur to me that I should use others’ images. Since this is a personal blog which is mostly about myself, I eventually decide to use the photos I took for my header and background image. The recommended dimensions that WordPress allocates fro my header are 1088 x 300, but I end up with 1088 x 441. This is because the recommended dimensions are too small to wholly present one point perspective that things appear to get smaller as they get further aways.

According to my previous knowledge, the special features provided by Pixlr are all achievable in Photoshop. However, Pixlr is much easier to use compared to Photoshop. A few clicks will do the work rather than adjusting each parameter precisely. To be honest, I have had a hard time to choose which effect and what kind of style I truly wanted for my header. I do not want the picture overlaps with too many effects and styles because the theme color of my blog is white which is relatively simple and clean. It comes naturally that the opacity of both the style and effects is low after I chose one style and two effects. The photo for my background image originally has a dark tone, which could be easily messed up with my header. Therefore, I raise the brightness level and decrease the contrast in order to give the original photo a brighter tone.

I think there are many places that I can apply my newfound skills with Pixlr to my everyday life. The most common one would be refining photos as what I have already done for my header and background image. It not only has the basic adjustment options that a smartphone has but also more customization options.


4 thoughts on “How to decorate your header”

  1. Hey Zijun,
    I really like how you used your own photos for your header! I actually had a hard time with the dimensions for the header too. I wanted my image to wholly present itself as the header, but instead I had to adjust and crop it a few times. This was my first time using a photo shop software and I agree with you that this was simple to use. I can’t wait to use Pixlr more often!


  2. I think it was a good idea to use your own personal pictures for your header. Also, it’s great that Pixlr turned out to be easier than photos hop. I’ve never used these softwares before, and was surprised at how much easier using GIMP got over time.

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  3. I think it was very unique that you used your own pictures. Especially with your site, that was a great idea. My main problem dealt with the dimensions as well, so I can understand your trouble. I also used Pixlr for the first time and felt it was much easier than photoshop.

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  4. Decorating the header is very fun. I like that you used the school as a backdrop because it does fit into the idea of this vlog being all about you. Great work on the header. I feel like I know where that place is but yet I am unable to pinpoint it to an exact position. Either way it was a great choice of photos.


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