How to create your commercial

My final product: Personal Blog

Despite my previous experience with Adobe Audition, it is quite troublesome for me when I used GarageBand at the beginning. I spent almost two hours on figuring out how to input a song and get off with the default software instrument track. The normal audio track is what I really needed nevertheless another Classic Electric Piano track would show up when I clicked New Track. However, everything went smoothly when I got it right. It did not take me long to find several alternative songs for my commercial because all the available songs and BGM were already categorized on the website ( I had tried a number of combinations of two pieces of music before I finally made up my mind which two I would use for my commercial. I did not know what came over me at that moment, but I did the most stupid thing which was to edit the two songs first. I adjusted the volume and did some fading effects, which turned into a big problem when I blended them with my recording because the volume was still too loud. I had to redo all the fading effects in order to set the proper volume. Other than this, my experience with editing is relatively enjoyable. It is worth noting that it was hard to arrange many notes only with touchpad when I wanted to create a smooth curve for the fading effects.

I knew what I was going to say in my commercial. What I did not know is that it was difficult for me to record what’s in my mind fluently once and for all. Sometimes I would lose track of what I was saying, sometimes I would pronounce the words wrong. The fact that I am not good at speaking English makes me ended up breaking the whole recording into various parts. Also, for the name of my blog, I overlapped the word “not” at the the complete sentence “It is all about me” by lowering the volume between the world “is” and “all”.


4 thoughts on “How to create your commercial”

  1. I think you did a great job. The songs you picked were really intriguing and grasped my attention. I also liked what you had to say about your blog.

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  2. I really like that you added personal touches about yourself in the commercial, which really added to the overall feeling of the blog. I also liked that you chose instrumental tracks so that there weren’t other competing sounds. Great job!

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  3. I have to agree with what allthings bat is saying. I felt drawn into the first song as soon as I heard it. The two songs were in harmony and it flows really nicely. The way it transitioned is good.

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