How to do a screencast

Introduce a blog-like website

The website I introduced: Dole Get Up and Grow

I must admit that it is really easy to do a screencast when you have the right tool. I used to do the screencast of drawing tutorials for my friend on my PC. However, the software I used on PC is not user-friendly in a way that it would slow down the computer whenever I run it. It is extremely annoying because the software for drawing tutorials (PhotoShop CS6) has already dragged down the processor speed. Since the screencast I created is only about two minutes long, I would say Jing is the best tool to quickly create short screencasts especially when you have no intention of refining the screencasts and doing video-editing afterwords.

As a screencaster, my problem is narrating while screen casting. In the case of this specific assignment, I found it is somehow hard to control the balance between narrating and solely screen casting. It is awkward that I have few things to say when taking a relatively long time to present the whole website. Similarly, sometimes, I have a lot of things to say about one particular page on the website, which, as far as I concerned, would probably make the audience bored due to a large amount of narration while the screen remains still. To be honest, I also felt quite lost when it was time to end the screencast. I won’t deny that I did a terrible finish, which, in my opinion, the word “awkward” is no longer enough to describe how poor it is.

I think screen casting can be associated with live streaming. That is to say, they are basically the same thing except that live streaming is recorded in real-time. While live streaming provides real-time interaction with the audience and, to some extent, requires the ability of improvising, screen casting needs a rough plan but also allows to make changes. There is no certain way to tell which one is better. It depends on the situation whether to choose screen casting or live streaming.


3 thoughts on “How to do a screencast”

  1. Hey, I totally agree with you about the narrative part of screen casting. It was hard for me to come up with things to say, so I mentally scripted what I wanted to mention about the site, etc. I found myself drawing a blank on one of my takes so I had to redo it. I think you did an awesome job. I never heard of screen casting before this class so it’s awesome you have some experience with it. Good work!

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  2. Coming up with things to say while doing the screencast was the worst for me, too. I felt like I was grasping at things to say sometimes, but I think writing out some main points and thinking of the process like a conversation helped make it flow a little better. I think you did a great job with yours and that the final product was successful! Your experience must’ve helped which is evident, and I didn’t notice any awkwardness with the narration.

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  3. I totally agree with you. I felt mine was kinda awkward as well in trying to navigate the page and come up with interesting things to say that were still relevant. Every time I recorded and did the tour, I found something new on the blog that would catch me off guard. I definitely am going to make a better outline before I do a screencast next time. Otherwise, the website itself was really cool!

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