Who I Am

*English is not my first language so forgive me if I make some mistakes or any kind of weird phrasing!decorative-line-clipart-yjixyn7ce

Hello everyone whoever is visiting this page!

Call me Viki if you find that “Zijun” is too hard to pronounce correctly. I am currently a sophomore at Rutgers University. I want to major in Information Technology and Informatics since something involved in Computer Science seems burdensome to me. (Yes, I am talking about mathematics.) I have just submitted the application this semester, and now I am praying to gods that the registration would go smoothly. I minor in Digital communication information media, meanwhile French is still under my consideration.

I am a huge fan of animation, comics, and video games. My full passion is devoted to illustration. Sometimes I also write fictions and edit videos for self-interest. I have a certain bizarre obsession for life. Since I was little, I always thought about how sad it would be that I won’t be able to experience all the interesting things after I was dead. Finally, it comes to me that life is too short and why not enjoy it to the fullest. So here I am trying to find sparklers in my life! Just like the old Chinese proverb said, “‘If a man in the morning hears the right way, he may die in the evening without regret”.