And now I’m even more confused.

Sewing tutorial ~ DOLL BIKINI /swimsuit ~ pattern making & sewing

I share this video simply because I personally enjoy this type of videos. (It’s art, people! It’s art!) To be honest, I am quite glad that I am only allowed to post a link to the video since I am not sure whether the utilization of this video would be favoring fair use after I checked the Fair Use Checklist. Therefore, I will not talk about why it is OK for me to use this media on my blog. Instead, I am going to discuss some points that might result in opposing fair use.


As I noticed, one opposing fair use is for entertainment, and it’s hard for me to tell whether the use of this media is purely for entertainment. I like the video because it gives a sense of satisfactory. Despite that it is a video tutorial, I do not really mean to use this video for the potential purpose of teaching.


In the Fair Use Checklist, there is two opposing fair used indicated. Owing to the fact that the whole work is used, the portion used is obviously significant to entire work. Based on the evidence, it seems that my utilization of the video definitely falls into the categorization of opposing fair use.


It is surprising, even shocking, to me that making the video accessible on the Web or in other public forum would also be considered as an opposing fair use. It is undeniable that my utilization of the video basically did what the Fair Use Checklist exactly describes.

Here is the strange thing. According to the three aspects I mentioned, it seems to me that there is no way to justify my utilization of the video.