Please let me ask one question before I start to talk about things related to the assignment. Is it just me, or is it indeed difficult to foster the motivation to do the work? Trust me, the evil idea of not writing the final paper has appeared in my mind a thousand times just in one day. Here we are nearly at the end of one semester AGAIN, aren’t we? And I believe it is the good time to make a toast.


After running my website for a few months, I am quite satisfied with the state of my website is currently in. It is surely unrealistic to suddenly have a lot of followers, and I personally have no intention to do so. It is another topic that whether my website is attractive enough to draw a large audience, even though the answer is clear 🙂  I thought it would be tedious to write posts for assignments, but I am glad that it eventually turned out to be enjoyable. Besides, there is a sense of achievement when scrolling down the homepage and seeing all my previous posts.

There is one more thing I want to say to my beloved audience. Thanks for all your likes and comments!



Let’s watch the city burn.

The meme that symbolizes my current feeling is “Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn”.

Check it out: Know Your Meme

I am currently suffering from post-vacation blues. That is to say, I still barely have any motivation to study even though, within half a day, I just managed to finish a six-page paper which used to take me two days. It feels strange that I am quite anxious while I am really not that much anxious at the same time.

I choose the specific photo of Tinky Winky because of his emotionless eyes and the mysterious smile on his face. It appears to be totally peaceful, whereas, with the ironic caption, a sense of fierce emotions is implied, which I feel completely connectable. To be specific, the contrast between the inner world and appearance of an individual is relatable. The only slight difference is that, in my case, it would be watching myself burn.

One surprising fact I found about this particular meme through Know Your Meme is that the original phrase comes from the July 2008 Batman film The Dark Knight. I had watched The Dark Knight Trilogy in recent few years a couple of times, nonetheless, I fail to remember the script. While this specific script is serious in the context of the film, there is an additional sense of humor in image macros.