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☆Inspire Me☆

Frankly speaking, I currently have no idea of how to promote my blog. It is like putting kryptonite directly in front of Superman. I am powerless in a way that, although I have tried my best, nothing satisfying came up in my mind. So here I am! CRYING FOR HELP.

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I understand that the form of the blog may be still not anonymous enough for someone to feel comfortable to leave critical comments. Therefore, please allow me to introduce you to a whole new social media platform–ASKfm. Don’t be afraid when you see the word “social”! The conversations taken place on ASKfm are relatively unidirectional. It is very straightforward: you ask, and I answer. As far as I am concerned, the best thing of all is that I have changed the setting, which allows anonymous prompts. Speaking of which, you do not need to additionally sign up for an account.

I am very open to any kind of opinions and suggestions. Even though I am using ASKfm, your prompts are not necessarily to be soft words. It is also unnecessary for your prompt to be a question. I am simply taking advantage of the simple but interactive form of ASKfm. Nevertheless, I am a sensitive person. Please be nice to me.

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Last but not least, thanks in advance for the help!