Fall into the group.

“How your website fits in with all of the other represents on the web that is similar to yours?” I thought this was a difficult question to answer in a comprehensive manner the first time I saw it. That is to say, the analysis can become complex from different standpoints.

For example, my website shares some similar physical features with other websites that provide information. To be specific, compared to www.nasa.gov, my website also has the menu bar for navigation. Moreover, every post is attached with various related tags, and the websites allow readers to share the original post on other social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

On the other hand, to narrow down (or, in other words, refine) this kind of similarity, let’s compare my blog to other personal blogs and put the focus on the content. It is that such user-generated content represents users’ self-presentation. I write whatever I want to post regardless of the theme. Similarly, even though other personal blogs may have a central theme, such as music, sport, and video game, users can post any topic that is related to the is.

In this respect, I would say that my website additionally contributes a sense of freedom to the conversation.