It is a fan fan art.


At first, I was messing around with different combinations. I tried every type of eyes on with various colors to see which one I liked most. There were so many options for hair style compared to other sections. As soon as I had found Finn’s hat, I immediately decided that I was going to cosplay the character, Finn the Human. It is too bad that I was not able to find Finn’s outfit in other sections, but it did not stop my idea of cosplaying.

I have discovered three outfits of Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear who are the main characters of We Bare Bears. It was undeniable that the outfits are cute. Nevertheless, they are too simple for me because they are one-piece which covered the whole body. That is to say, there was less space for me to add something more. Therefore, I shifted my focus on another outfit.

For people who did not know, the character cosplayed is Steven Universe. I picked up the sandals, added a smartphone, and finally chose the most matching hair style. I have to do a little self-imagination on the color of the eyes because black is not available.

The whole experience reminds me of the website Dream Selfy. I used to spend day and night exploring the website. By the way, there is also a similar website shown in the page of About Me.